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ASD Visitor Tracker Web Tools

Finally an Advanced Visitor Counter for Second Life

This system can keep a list of every visitor to your place on the web. You can log all visitors in a Parcel, an entire Region, All Owner's Parcels in a Region, or a Range in meters within a Region. Does not use a laggy scanner so is low lag even when tracking an entire sim!

Includes several optional devices to add more functions. The Staff Notifier Object can IM your employees when new visitors arrive with visitor name and link to view profile. Included Greeter Info Boards can display your Visitor Counts, Last Visitor, and the Greeter Menu feature can work up to sim-wide!

   * Track your visitors' Visit Durations & Stats
   * View Graphs and Charts on the web!
   * Includes Visitor Counter Boards to display in-world
   * Optional Greeter Menu that can work up to sim-wide!
   * Public Announcements and Staff Notifications for arrivals

View Records and detailed Statistics using Web Tools. See charts and graphs for a day, week, month, year, and more. You can search your records for a specific visitor and even export all records to CSV to store on your hard drive. Email digests can be received daily, weekly, or both.

___ SPECIAL FEATURES INCLUDED __________________________________

  Store ALL of Your Visitors to the Web!
    - Log data for a Parcel, entire Region, or Range in meters
    - You can move your Tracker to a new location at any time
    - Exclude List to not keep records of employees, etc.
    - Optionally exclude avatars wearing same group as object
    - Select how often to check for new visitors

  Greeter Info Boards
    - Display your Visitor Counts and Start Date
    - Updates instantly when new visitors arrive
    - Can display Owner Pic, Last Visitor (with permission), or Sim Map
    - Optional Greeter Menu with Group Join, Landmark, Notecard, Object Give, and Website buttons
    - Owner Menu with Fonts, Textures, and Color options

  Optional Announcements and Notifications
    - Notify Staff members when a new visitor arrives with link to view profile. Includes options to only IM staff when they're available.
    - IM owner when new visitor arrives: always, when owner online, or when owner is in-sim only.
    - Announcements in local chat to alert everyone when someone arrives. Great for clubs and venues.

  Web-Based Features
    - View Charts and Graphs for day, week, month, year and more
    - Export Records to CSV for storing on your hard drive or for other uses.
    - Learn what are the most popular days of the week, time of day, and more.
    - Search all records for specific avatar name or av key.
    - Optional Email Reports Daily and/or Weekly.

  Set Managers allowed to use Visitor Tracker and Web Tools

  Count Totals can be Cleared or Set to Any Number
    - Useful if you're replacing an older visitor counter and want to start where you left off

  Product Updates Included

___ PRICES AND PERMISSIONS _____________________________________

- L$2000 each set

- Each Visitor Tracker Set Includes:
   1 Tracker License*
   Copyable/No Transfer Objects & Scripts
   Basic Web Tools Access for object owner and unlimited managers.

*Tracker License allows you to track one location at a time. A location can be a parcel, a region, or a range within region. You can move to a new location and take your license with you at any time. Purchase additional sets if you want to track more than one location at the same time.

Included Objects are Modifiable.
All of the Scripts included are NO MOD.

Purchase Visitor Tracker:  In-World - SL Marketplace - Contact Alicia Stella in-world to purchase at this time

Product Help:  Full Instructions Online - Frequently Asked Questions - Monthly Payments Fact Sheet

___ ADDITIONAL IMAGES & SCREENSHOTS ___________________________

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___ TRACKER PLUGINS AVAILABLE ________________________________

Plugins add additional features but require a Visitor Tracker system to work. Plugins are sold separately.


Web Badge Plugin for Visitor Tracker
This plugin allows you to display your place's Visitor Counts on your website or blog. You may also link to and share publicly viewable Statistics and Counts pages with anyone, without them having to log in or join the website.

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ASD Visitor Tracker