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  Below are active Raffles currently running in Second Life. Click on a Raffle title for more details.
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RX Design Main Raffle
Monthly on day 15 at 00:00:00

Prize:  L$500

Teleport: Wanda/148/118/25   
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Chicago Raffle
Every Saturday at 09:00:00

Prize:  L$1000
Group and Picks Required

Teleport: Village of Mist/17/170/29   
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Picks Raffle
Every Sunday at 12:00:00

Prize:  L$250
Group and Picks Required

Teleport: SHARKS COVE/157/104/356   
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Win L$750 Giftcard of D2T Designs
Every Friday at 12:00:00

Prize:  =D2T Giftcard L$ 750=
Group Membership Required

Teleport: Business District Lima/255/128/25   
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Sex 24/7 - Titty Motel Raffle
Every Saturday at 12:00:00

Prize:  L$50
Group and Picks Required

Teleport: Sedna/228/16/28   
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KiX Monthly Raffle
On Day 2 at 02:00:00

Prize:  Kix Gift Card L$500
Group Membership Required

Teleport: Miso/222/180/30   
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.:Glint:. Weekly raffle
Every Sunday at 14:00:00

Prize:  Gift Card L$500

Teleport: Moonlit Cove/51/176/25   
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Pretty Things Monthly Raffle
Monthly on day 27 at 00:00:00

Prize:  L$1000
Group and Picks Required

Teleport: TRUE/149/185/23   
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More than 24 hours since last check-in
Daily at 12:00:00 | Must be Present to Win

Prize:  RANDOM
Group Membership Required

Teleport: Brat Haven/140/229/23   
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