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  Below are active Raffles currently running in Second Life. Click on a Raffle title for more details.
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FF Main Store Raffle
Monthly on day 15 at 01:00:00

Prize:  ~FF~ GiftCard L$2000
Group and Picks Required

Teleport: Furry/199/232/49   
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Monthly Raffle
Monthly on day 1 at 04:00:00

Prize:  Free Month Royal Plan

Teleport: Sevardia Estates 01h/162/32/25   
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Friller Fine Furnishings Raffle
Every Sunday at 12:00:00

Prize:  L$100
Group and Picks Required

Teleport: Marianna/226/226/23   
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More than 24 hours since last check-in
Every Saturday at 19:00:00

Prize:  L$500
Group and Picks Required

Teleport: Austerity/7/201/802   
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