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ASD GiveAway System Web Tools

Change the Way You Give Things Away in Second Life...

Are you tired of placing a landmark giver or freebie item out and having no way to know how many people took one? Imagine if you could see exactly who has clicked that landmark giver and which location gives out the most.

Using the ASD GiveAway System, you can have unlimited item givers all over Second Life and track and control them all at once from the web! Users Touch a Giver to receive an item from a single central location or an item from within that Giver, depending on your settings. You can give away any type of inventory except scripts.

Some of the Uses for this System:
   * Schedule Totally Automated Limited Edition Giveaways
   * Give Landmarks, Notecards or Giftboxes Grid-Wide & Keep Records on Web
   * Give Free Items to Group Only, Only Newbies, or Use Other Security Features
   * Limit How Many to Give per Avatar and How Many to Give Out Total
   * Learn Valuable Information About The Popularity of Your Free Items

View Records and detailed Statistics using Web Tools. See graphs and totals for each location and item given. You can search your records for specific avatar or item names and even export all records to CSV to store on your hard drive.

Keep your visitors coming back with clever marketing tools built in! When you start a new Giveaway, an IM can be sent to all recipients of the last item. It will tell them about the new item and provide a SLurl to come get it. And you can opt in to be listed on the public GiveAways List online where residents can find places giving away cool stuff!

NOTE: You must have Copy and Transfer permission to the Items you Give Away, (more info at bottom.)

___ SPECIAL FEATURES INCLUDED ____________________________

  Give Things
    - Can give away any Inventory Type, except scripts.
    - You can have unlimited Item Givers anywhere in Second Life!
    - Give same item from central location or give a different item at each place.
    - Limit how many are given per Avatar and limit how many to give total.
    - Includes 8 Object Designs, some with their own Appearance options.
    - Use any Objects you want as your Givers. 

  Take Control
    - Set up system using any web browser; can even change texture from the web!
    - Security Options: Group Only, Min Age, Max Age, Anti-Bot, & Pay Info required.
    - Object Options: Floating Text Options, Announcement Options, & more.
    - Unlimited Manager List: Managers can control Givers & use web tools.
    - Unlimited Ban List: Banned avatars cannot get items from any of your Givers.
    - Opt into the Master Ban List that all GiveAway Systems can share.  

  Automate Giveaways
    - Let the GiveAway System organize its own Giveaways for you!
    - GiveAway Modes: Non-Stop, Hourly, Daily, Weekly, & Monthly.
    - Can be set to Recur automatically or turn system off when complete.
    - A new item can be chosen at Random from Inventory or use same item.
    - Can send an IM to everyone from the last time when starting over! 

  Keep Records
    - View up to 90 days of Transaction Logs on the Web Tools site.
    - Export Records to CSV for storing on your hard drive or for other uses.
    - Search all records for specific avatar name, av key, item, or sim name.
    - Optional Email Reports and Owner IM when a Giveaway ends.

  Useful Statistics
    - View detailed statistics and graphs on the web.
    - See total given for Today, Last 7 Days, Month so far, & Year to date.
    - Compare Locations in bar graphs to see which place gives the most.
    - See which items are the most popular per day, week, month, or year.

  Clever Marketing
    - Keep your visitors coming back with free marketing tools built in!
    - IM can be sent to all previous recipients with the new item name and SLurl.
    - Opt into public listing on web: http://www.asdwebtools.com/giveaways.php  

  Product Updates Included

___ PRICES AND PERMISSIONS _______________________________

- L$950 each set

- Set Includes:

   1 Single GiveAway ID*
   Copyable/No-Transfer Giver Objects & Scripts
   Basic Web Tools Access for object owner and unlimited managers.

*You may only give away 1 item at a time from a central location per GiveAway ID. You can however give away other items as long as they are inside that particular giver.

Having an item given from one central location means you only have to replace it once if you want to update it. All of your connected giver objects throughout Second Life will update automatically to the new item.

    Included Giver Objects are Modifiable.
    All of the Scripts included are NO MOD.

Purchase GiveAway System:  In-World - SL Marketplace

Product Help:  Full Instructions Online - Frequently Asked Questions

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___ FURTHER INFORMATION ________________________________

You should have Copy and Transfer permission to the Items you Give Away
The items you give away can be set to any permissions you want for next owner. However, you yourself must have Copy and Transfer permission of the item to be given using this system. (If you do not have copy permission, once the item is given away it will no longer be available to be given again. Also, you cannot add multiple copies of the same item because the duplicate objects will rename themselves to have 1, 2, 3, etc at end of name and not be recognized by the system.)


About Web Tools
This product's features require you to register on the ASD Web Tools web site. It is free to join but you must first be approved by site moderator before you can access your account. This may take up to 24 hours after you register (usually within 4 hours.) You can sign up before purchasing the item if you wish. You will be notified by email when your account has been approved. Be certain to use your exact avatar name as your username and a valid email address.


Overview of System
The GiveAway System is composed of two parts: the MAIN object and SECONDARY objects. You must have 1 MAIN object rezzed at all times, but only one. Think of this as your system's brain. This is the main location for your GiveAway. When a SLurl is used in IM's or on web for public view it will be for the Main object's location.

The SECONDARY objects can be placed anywhere in Second Life and there is no limit to how many you can have. Secondary objects can load the same settings as the Main object and can give the same item that is in the Main object. This is handy because you only ever need to update the item once at the Main location.

Additionally the Secondary objects can Override the main settings. You can override the item to be given by placing a different item inside the Secondary object's inventory. Secondary objects can have their own AV and Total Limits. Other Basic Settings and Security Options such as Group Only can be different in each Secondary as well.

Whether an item is given by the Main Object or a Secondary object, the data for the transaction will be stored on the web and be viewable in the Total Records and Statistics section online.

ASD GiveAway System