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ASD Delivery Server Web Tools

Deliver the Goods... From Anywhere!

Using the ASD Delivery Server you and your staff can send inventory items to any avatar in Second Life from in-world, on the web, or from any mobile web device such as iPhone or Android.

Perfect for sellers that know the pain of failed deliveries and any business owner that may need to send items when unable to log into Second Life. Send someone an undelivered product, or important notecards, or let your staff members send client welcome kits without having to own them.

   * Send item to an avatar from anywhere, even your phone!
   * Option to send custom Instant Message with item.
   * Can give any inventory type except scripts.
   * Set unlimited managers allowed to send items.
   * Keep records on the web of all items given.

Place items into 'Delivery Servers' at a safe location, like a server room or office. Then set out 'Sender Servers' anywhere in Second Life. Sender Servers allow you to send all of the items that are in the Delivery Servers, but do not hold any items themselves.

Sender Servers can also be given away for others to own, like your managers for example. Avatars still need to be on an Access List to use them. You can always revoke an avatar's access later by web if you choose.

Three Different Ways to Send Items
You and your managers can send items from:

Send items from within
Second Life using the
delivery server objects.

On Web
Access your servers
from a web browser
when you cannot log
into Second Life.

Send items from anywhere
using your web enabled
mobile device. Enhanced
for iPhone & Android.

___ SPECIAL FEATURES INCLUDED __________________________________

  Manage Servers
    - Can send any inventory type, except scripts.
    - Manage and control your servers from the web.
    - Each server can hold up to 50 items and you can have unlimited servers.
    - Select a server color from 12 choices to help tell them apart.
    - Set categories for servers, in case you manage more than one company.

  Allow Managers
    - Add unlimited avatar names to manager lists online.
    - Master manager list for all servers plus each server has its own access list.
    - Give managers a Sender Server that they can use in-world to send items.

  Send Items
    - You and your managers can send items from all in-world servers.
    - And send items from the Web Tools website.
    - Plus send items from any web enabled mobile device or smartphone.
    - Enhanced for iPhone and Android. Can put an icon on home screen.

  Stay Notified
    - View up to 90 days of delivery records on the Web Tools site.
    - Export records to CSV for storing on your hard drive.
    - Search all records for specific avatar name, av key, sender, or item.
    - Optional email reports in daily digest format or when item sent.
    - Can send an IM to owner every time an item is sent.

  Product Updates Included

___ PRICES AND PERMISSIONS _____________________________________

- L$1050 Copyable

- Set Includes:

   Delivery Server [ Modify/Copyable/No Transfer ]
   Sender Server [ No Modify/Copyable/Transfer ]
   Basic Web Tools Access for object owner and unlimited managers.

    All of the Scripts included are NO MOD.

Purchase Delivery Server:  In-World - SL Marketplace

Product Help:  Full Instructions Online - Frequently Asked Questions

NOTE: You must have Transfer permission for the Items you will be sending.

___ ADDITIONAL IMAGES & SCREENSHOTS ___________________________

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___ FURTHER INFORMATION ______________________________________

About Web Tools
This product's features require you to register on the ASD Web Tools web site. It is free to join but you must first be approved by site moderator before you can access your account. This may take up to 24 hours after you register (usually within 4 hours.) You can sign up before purchasing the item if you wish. You will be notified by email when your account has been approved. Be certain to use your exact avatar name as your username and a valid email address.


How it Works
When using this system you must provide an avatar name and select the item to send from a list of Inventory items. The avatar name you provide can be case insensitive, but must be spelled correctly. This system uses the SL Search, W-Hat's Name2Key, and Vision Tech's Name2Key database to locate keys for avatars. If the avatar name provided cannot be found in all 3 databases the sender will be notified by IM and the item will not be sent.

If the avatar is set Busy or Away they will not receive the item or custom IM when it is sent. It is always best to contact the recipient personally to be sure they got an item.

ASD Delivery Server