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ASD Camper Server Web Tools

Take Control of your Camping Situation...

The ASD Camper Server lets you control your ASD Camping Devices from one object in your sim and from the ASD Web Tools website. No need to even login to Second Life!

Each Camper Server can control up to 40 camping devices within the same sim. Camping items must be from Alicia Stella Design, (list below of compatible devices.)

Keep Detailed Records of all Camping Transactions with Web Based Transaction History and Automatic Emails sent to Owners. Nothing like this exists in Second Life!

The Camper Server adds many more functions to all your ASD Camping Items! Features like Daily Limits, Schedule On/Off times, Ban/Access List, and more come with the Server. See all the great features listed below.

Now you can finally get your staff involved in managing your Camping Devices! Allow Managers to control your Camping Server and assign Extra Owners that can login to Web Tools as well.

___ SPECIAL FEATURES INCLUDED ________________________________

  Manage Camping Items
    -Control Camp Items from In-world Server object: Turn On/Off, etc.
    -Manage from Web Tools and change all Camp Items' settings from web.  

  Keep Records of Camping Transactions
    -View up to 90 days of Transaction History on the Web Tools site.
    -Optional Automatic Emails for up to 3 email addresses send daily reports.
    -Optional Owner IM can send Message with the day's total paid at midnight.  

  Limits Features - Control How Much You Spend!
    -GLOBAL LIMIT - All Camp items and server will turn off when this amount paid. Only the Owner can Turn them back on after.
    -DAILY LIMIT - When this amount is paid out in the sim the server will turn off all camp items until the next day, (midnight.)
    -AVATAR DAILY LIMIT - Avatars can only earn this much total per day. After that amount they will no longer be able to use any Camp items in the sim until the next day, (midnight.)  

  Schedule Feature
    -When enabled the server will Turn all camp items ON at your set Start Time and OFF at your End Time every day. This can be helpful if you want to limit camping to only non-busy hours, or limit Modeling to only during busy hours if using Model Stands for staff.  

  Access/Ban List Option
    -You can add up to 120 names in a list. And choose your list type, 'Access' (which is good for staff only objects like Model Stands,) or Ban, (good for public campers to disallow trouble makers.)  

  Allow Managers & Extra Owners
    -Set up to 18 Managers that have almost as much control as owners from the in-world server's Touch Menu.
    -Set up to 2 Extra Owners, besides yourself that can use the in-world server and also access Web Tools. Camp Items may be owned by these avatars in addition to the server owner. This is handy if you use a financial avatar for camp devices or share camp items with business partners.  

  Easy To Use!
    -Extensive yet Simple to use Owner & Manager Touch Menus.
    -Professionally created Website with intuitive interface.  

  Automatic Product Updates

___ PRICES AND PERMISSIONS __________________________________

- L$1100 each set

- Includes:

1 Single Channel*, 1 Copyable Server, & Basic Web Tools Access.

*You may only use one channel at a time in a server. If you have locations in more than 1 sim or want to have Camp Items with different settings you will need to purchase more Server sets. (Channels cannot be purchased on their own.)

    Server Object is 4 Prims & Modifiable.
    All of the Scripts included are NO MOD.

Purchase:  In-World - SL Marketplace - Compatible Camping Devices

Product Help:  Full Instructions Online - Frequently Asked Questions

___ COMPATIBLE CAMPING DEVICES ______________________________

Camping items must be from Alicia Stella Design and include the following:

Copyable Dance Pole
--Single Dance Pole
Copyable Paying Poseball
--Single Paying Poseball
Copyable Paying Dance Pads
--Single Paying Dance Pad
Copyable Paying Dance Cages
--Single Paying Dance Cage
Copyable Paying Model Stands
--Single Paying Model Stand
Copyable Camping Chairs
--Single Camping Chair
Copyable Camp Beach Chairs
--Single Camp Beach Chair
Copyable Camp Beach Towels
--Single Camp Beach Towel
Copyable Camp Pool Floaties
--Single Camp Pool Floatie
Copyable Camping Bench
--Single Camping Bench
Copyable Mopping Up Camper
--Single Mopping Up Camper
Copyable Scrubbing Bucket Camper
--Single Scrubbing Bucket Camper
3 Person Camping Rug (Original Version)
3 Person Camping Rug (Round Design)